The transition period when joining the university as a new student can be daunting. The difficulty can be especially intense when a student is coming from an entirely different culture like from a different country. At Campbellsville University, effort have been made to make sure that new students have as little difficulty as possible when settling in. The following are some of the things that you should know as a new student as you report to Campbellsville.

1. You are not alone

One of the most difficult aspects of doing something new or difficult is doing it alone. The loneliness and the second guessing compounds the otherwise simple situation and makes it weigh much more heavily on the person going through it. At Campbellsville, we would like to remind you that you are not alone. There are many students coming to join the institution at the same time as you. There are still hundreds of thousands of others who will be joining other universities all over the country. Many of these are international students who will adjust just like others have adjusted before them and gone ahead to not only excel in their studies but also form healthy, lasting relationships. To make the most of this opportunity, reach out to fellow students and make friends.

2. There is a department dedicated to help you

At the Campbellsville University, there is a department established for the assistance of international students. The Center for International Education staff are always at hand to receive international students at the Louisville Airport. Their brief is to answer questions from you as a new student and make your stay comfortable especially during the initial hours of your arrival. It is imperative to seek help from this department and others especially when feeling low. This way, your feelings will not move one to something more serious like depression.

3. Know what to expect

One thing about a new environment that makes it difficult to cope is uncertainty. It is important to know what to expect in a few steps ahead of time. Failure to know what to do ahead of time means that you will always be encountering things you have not planned for. This would keep you in a constant state of inertia. Such a state of affairs can only make it more difficult for you to adjust.

4. Maintain focus

When in a completely different environment, it is possible to find yourself focusing more on what is new and difficult than on what is important. As a new student in a new environment, your foremost objective is to easily fit into the school community. Make sure you remain as focused on this as possible. It is the easiest way to ensure that you settle down quickly.

5. Connect with your family

Missing the people you left behind to come seek education in the U.S is only natural. Again, when you are in a strange environment, you need to hear familiar voices encouraging you to soldier on with the integration. You should have a program of speaking to them on a regular basis. The amount of time you spend speaking with them should not be so much as to inhibit the process of settling down. The university recommends a weekly phone call in which you can share your experiences at length. You can also reach them via messaging apps, the rest of the week.