Different Types Paintball Barrels and How to Choose the Best One

different Types Paintball Barrels

As an experienced paintballer, you need to know that having a paintball marker that you can customize will give you a major edge over your opponents. One way of doing this is apply a unique barrel that not only enhances the accuracy and reliability of the marker but also the player. Have in mind that selecting the best paintball barrel will take some time, effort, careful thought and research.

What to consider


Paintball BarrelsWhen looking for a paintball barrel, you need to check the material it is made of and this is a crucial factor to have in mind. These barrels are made from different materials such as brass, aluminum, ceramic, titanium, carbon fiber among more. If you are looking for a brand new unit, you should know the advantages and drawback of each material before settling on the best one. For instance, while carbon fiber barrels are lighter, aluminum and titanium are stronger.

Barrel length

You also need to consider the length of the barrel. Ranging from 10 to 20 inches, there are many different lengths of barrels in the market. According to research, you need to get a barrel of length 14 inches since anything less or more will have very little impact on your performance. The only exception is getting barrels of 18 inches.

Barrel kits

Since there are many barrel kits available in the market, it’s very important to choose the one that suits you well. Currently, the most popular kits are the carbon fiber. This is because they can give you many options to optimize your paintball barrel for the kind of game that you are playing.

Number of Pieces

When paintballing first started, the only kinds of barrels that were available were the one-piece. However, manufacturers, later on, found out that two piece barrels were important to improve the accuracy. The two piece will allow you to have different length fronts as well as a barrel back for your marker. Since they come in different sizes, you can look for the one that accommodates your shots.

Types of Paintball Barrels


Types Paintball BarrelsCompared to other metals, these barrels are lighter. Most come with a self-cleaning feature that comes in handy for most buyers. Apart from being durable, they are very quiet. Plus some of them are narrower so as to increase their accuracy. Overall, they are becoming increasingly popular.


Because of their low cost and lightness, these barrels are a good choice. The only disadvantage that they have is that they have a very high friction quotient. They are a bit durable but can easily break or bend when they are under great pressure.


These type of  barrels are strong and light in weight but are not very popular since they are very expensive.

Carbon fiber paintball barrels

Carbon fiber barrels are strong and easy to polish and clean. However, the cost manufacturing and the cost of the material makes them very expensive.


As compared to aluminum brass, paintball barrels are heavier. However, this does not mean that they are durable. In fact, they are not very reliable in terms of durability. If you have a brass paintball barrel, you must perform a regular maintenance if you want to maintain accuracy and keep your paintball kit functioning. Nowadays, these barrels are very rare to find in stores.

Two Piece Barrels

These types of barrels combine two materials to come up with a barrel. They combine the qualities of two metals to come up with a very effective barrel. However, this improved performance level usually come with an increased price tag. Hence, it’s important to consider the price before buying one.