Friends of Campbellsville University

Friends of Campbellsville UniversityThe University of Campbellsville is located in the Kentucky heartland south of the United States. Campbellsville has consistently been ranked the best university in the south of the United States. The university blends well with community in which it is located. The blending is best seen in the values that Campbellsville shares with the surrounding communities. Prime among these is the fact that the institution is based on strong Christian values. Such values are demonstrated in the surrounding communities.

Much of the success of the university can be attributed to the community around it. To strengthen the relationship between the university and the community, Campbellsville has introduced a program called “friends of Campbellsville.’ Most of the people targeted in this campaign are from neighboring communities such as Hodgenville, Louisville, Campbellsville and Somerset. Each of the participants is given a friend of Campbellsville. The badges are also an indication of the appreciation the university has for these supportive communities.

Strong links with the society exist despite the fact that this is a private university. Having been established in 1906, Campbellsville has been in existence in the same place for more than 100 years. It has students from under graduate all the way to the post graduate level. Specializing with liberal arts, the university’s objective of developing leaders. The type of leaders it strives to produce are the ones a strong value system such as the one given by Christianity.

The university has over the years produced a large number of leaders who have proceeded to impact the country and the world at large. One of the distinguishing factors between Campbellsville students and others is the fact that the values that Campbellsville students learn at the university usually remain with most of them demonstrably for the rest of their lives.

The relationship between the university and the surrounding community is symbiotic. The continued reverence of Christian values in the surrounding community can be attributed to the university. The university sponsors outreach to the community by partnering with the local churches.

Over and above liberal arts, Campbellsville has a technology department. This department works with the community to equip it with pre-professional skills. Working with the local school districts with regard to the technology district ensures that Campbellsville students get an opportunity to acquire practical skills. This is further proof of the interdependence between Campbellsville and the surrounding community. Many of the people in the community who work with the university are among the proud bearers of “friend of Campbellsville’ badges.

The university invites all members of the surrounding communities to acquire and display their badges. By displaying these badges the surrounding communities will begin seeing the university in new light. This is because the relationship between the two will no longer be taken for granted.

All involved parties are more conscious of what is at stake in the relationship and they now have to work intentionally to make the relationship stronger. Efforts between the university and the communities make the community a better place to learn and the university a better educational institution.