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Deborah Thomas returned to college to finish her education after being away from school for a long time. Here she describes the process of returning to do something she had always wanted to do and how Campbellsville University's Louisville Education Center was exactly the right choice for her.

Welcome to Campbellsville University Louisville!

In preparing future Christian leaders, Campbellsville University has expanded its campus footprint throughout Kentucky with Regional Education Centers. Campbellsville University Louisville offers part-time and accelerated programs for continuing students. This regional center allows adults to return to academics in an affordable and convenient environment, grounded in Christian values.

Currently, the Louisville Center offers associate, bachelor, and master degrees in a wide range of disciplines. Degrees span the Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Social Work and Counseling, and Theology. We are also recognized for our Associate of Science in General Studies, which provides a diverse foundation in Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Science. To facilitate the learning process, CU Louisville offers an accelerated program that only meets one night per week (Monday-Thursday). At this pace, students can expect to receive a degree in as little as 18 months.

In addition, CU Louisville contains an English as a Second Language Institute (ESLI), which guides nonnative English speakers to improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills. Our ESL program spans 12 to 18 months of concentrated study, where students take 20 hours of immersive English courses per week. After completing this intensive program, no TOEFL or IELTS certification is necessary for admission to Campbellsville. In short, the ESL Institute prepares students to achieve English proficiency at a level where they can excel in our post-secondary courses. With small class sizes, experienced ESL teachers, and a welcoming college community, ESLI is an excellent way to transition into university life.

No matter which pathway you choose to reach your educational goals, Campbellsville University Louisville is a quality option for continued studies. Our accelerated degrees improve your marketability in a competitive workforce, allowing you to gain valuable skills at a pace you can handle. 

Our post-secondary programs are facilitated by a remarkable group of full-time and adjunct faculty, including Christopher Sanders, Ken Hollis, Nikki Erwin, Renee Sartin, and Benjamin F. Stickle. We invite you to explore our degree programs in more detail — thank you for visiting Campbellsville University's Louisville Education Center.