Welcome to our Christian College & Graduate School

Campbellsville University of Graduate and Professional Studies was established in 1906. It is a Christian private university that is anchored in the liberal arts. Campbellsville is rated among the best universities in the United States. Interest in the quality of education the university offers can be seen in the number diversity of student nationalities of which there are currently 35.

Located in the Kentucky heartland, this university has wide range of programs in line with its commitment to develop people who will be effective global citizens in their different capacities. The graduate programs in this university range from music based courses, such as piano pedagogy to education related courses. Others include theological courses which prepare students to play a role in Christian ministries.

Campbellsville is accredited by reputable organizations including the Council for Social Work Education (CSWE) and the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Other accrediting bodies include the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Over and above accreditation. The graduate programs offered in this university have been adjudged among the best in the whole of the United States.

Apart from offering graduate programs, the university has a Technology Training Center which offers training in pre-professional programs. These programs are offered as a result of collaboration with partners in the university’s locality. The Technology Training Center is located in the university’s main campus. The school districts in this locality and local and state government agencies are all involved in developing these pre-professional services. The intention of involving these organizations is to ensure that the training offered in these areas is relevant to the respective industries in which it falls.

The courses offered in the pre-professional programs equip students to become nurse aides, medical assistants, phlebotomy and cosmetologists. Nursing aides who pass through this program qualify to be registered by the state while medical assistants are certified. Cosmetologists who go through this program are eligible to be employed in beauty establishments or to start their own businesses. Other courses offered under this program include electricians, whose curriculum is developed alongside the local business community. Pharmacy assistants are trained to assist registered pharmacists to dispense with prescriptions.

To ensure that it remains true to its continued education program Campbellsville University has started an online program. The program is intended to leverage modern technology to allow people to study at their own convenience. This online learning program provides students with an opportunity to learn in a fully virtual environment for courses such as MBA, theology, education and other courses. The online program also allows for church workers to train for ministry. This training takes 27 hours of training in theology, history, people skills and inculcating other information relevant to Christian ministry. The online program is ideal for people whose normal study hours are otherwise engaged with matters such as work, parenting and so on.

In total Campbellsville University has 17 master’s programs both online and on campus. It also has eight pre-professional programs and five post graduate programs. Through these programs, the university equips students with world changing education. The quality of the programs offered in this institution has been recognized by several bodies. These include the U.S. News & World Reports and TheBestSchools.org which have both ranked Campbellsville among the best universities in the U.S. The university is affiliated to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).


The transition period when joining the university as a new student can be daunting. The difficulty can be especially intense when a student is coming from an entirely different culture like from a different country. At Campbellsville University, effort have been made to make sure that new students have as little difficulty as possible when settling in. The following are some of the things that you should know as a new student as you report to Campbellsville.

1. You are not alone

One of the most difficult aspects of doing something new or difficult is doing it alone. The loneliness and the second guessing compounds the otherwise simple situation and makes it weigh much more heavily on the person going through it. At Campbellsville, we would like to remind you that you are not alone. There are many students coming to join the institution at the same time as you. There are still hundreds of thousands of others who will be joining other universities all over the country. Many of these are international students who will adjust just like others have adjusted before them and gone ahead to not only excel in their studies but also form healthy, lasting relationships. To make the most of this opportunity, reach out to fellow students and make friends.

2. There is a department dedicated to help you

At the Campbellsville University, there is a department established for the assistance of international students. The Center for International Education staff are always at hand to receive international students at the Louisville Airport. Their brief is to answer questions from you as a new student and make your stay comfortable especially during the initial hours of your arrival. It is imperative to seek help from this department and others especially when feeling low. This way, your feelings will not move one to something more serious like depression.

3. Know what to expect

One thing about a new environment that makes it difficult to cope is uncertainty. It is important to know what to expect in a few steps ahead of time. Failure to know what to do ahead of time means that you will always be encountering things you have not planned for. This would keep you in a constant state of inertia. Such a state of affairs can only make it more difficult for you to adjust.

4. Maintain focus

When in a completely different environment, it is possible to find yourself focusing more on what is new and difficult than on what is important. As a new student in a new environment, your foremost objective is to easily fit into the school community. Make sure you remain as focused on this as possible. It is the easiest way to ensure that you settle down quickly.

5. Connect with your family

Missing the people you left behind to come seek education in the U.S is only natural. Again, when you are in a strange environment, you need to hear familiar voices encouraging you to soldier on with the integration. You should have a program of speaking to them on a regular basis. The amount of time you spend speaking with them should not be so much as to inhibit the process of settling down. The university recommends a weekly phone call in which you can share your experiences at length. You can also reach them via messaging apps, the rest of the week.


Friends of Campbellsville UniversityThe University of Campbellsville is located in the Kentucky heartland south of the United States. Campbellsville has consistently been ranked the best university in the south of the United States. The university blends well with community in which it is located. The blending is best seen in the values that Campbellsville shares with the surrounding communities. Prime among these is the fact that the institution is based on strong Christian values. Such values are demonstrated in the surrounding communities.

Much of the success of the university can be attributed to the community around it. To strengthen the relationship between the university and the community, Campbellsville has introduced a program called “friends of Campbellsville.’ Most of the people targeted in this campaign are from neighboring communities such as Hodgenville, Louisville, Campbellsville and Somerset. Each of the participants is given a friend of Campbellsville. The badges are also an indication of the appreciation the university has for these supportive communities.

Strong links with the society exist despite the fact that this is a private university. Having been established in 1906, Campbellsville has been in existence in the same place for more than 100 years. It has students from under graduate all the way to the post graduate level. Specializing with liberal arts, the university’s objective of developing leaders. The type of leaders it strives to produce are the ones a strong value system such as the one given by Christianity.

The university has over the years produced a large number of leaders who have proceeded to impact the country and the world at large. One of the distinguishing factors between Campbellsville students and others is the fact that the values that Campbellsville students learn at the university usually remain with most of them demonstrably for the rest of their lives.

The relationship between the university and the surrounding community is symbiotic. The continued reverence of Christian values in the surrounding community can be attributed to the university. The university sponsors outreach to the community by partnering with the local churches.

Over and above liberal arts, Campbellsville has a technology department. This department works with the community to equip it with pre-professional skills. Working with the local school districts with regard to the technology district ensures that Campbellsville students get an opportunity to acquire practical skills. This is further proof of the interdependence between Campbellsville and the surrounding community. Many of the people in the community who work with the university are among the proud bearers of “friend of Campbellsville’ badges.

The university invites all members of the surrounding communities to acquire and display their badges. By displaying these badges the surrounding communities will begin seeing the university in new light. This is because the relationship between the two will no longer be taken for granted.

All involved parties are more conscious of what is at stake in the relationship and they now have to work intentionally to make the relationship stronger. Efforts between the university and the communities make the community a better place to learn and the university a better educational institution.


Welcome to the School of Theology Campbellsville University School of Theology has the mission of equipping and producing world changers. These are people who have surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission. The commission to become world changers was given to the 12 disciples by the Jesus in Matthew 9:37-38, The harvest is great but the workers are few. So, pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send workers into His fields.’

In this day and age, the need for workers in the field of harvest is much greater than at any other point in history. It is for this reason that Campbellsville University provides an opportunity for those who seek to work in the harvest fields of the Lord to equip themselves. The school of theology has two programs, both of them are graduate programs. Master of Theology and Master of Marriage and Family Therapy. The school of theology works to train people for different roles in the ministry but everything is based on the scriptures.

According to the Campbellsville University, the following are the indicators for a world changer.

  1. They should be evangelical: changing the world requires preaching of the Good News. This means that a person who would make their contribution towards changing the world should be passionate about reaching the unreached.
  2. Committed to the Bible: souls have to be won according to the bible. It is only through understanding and believing the bible that lives can truly be changed. For a person to benefit from the programs offered in this school, they have to truly believe in the bible. It is also expected that they would proceed to teach and otherwise apply the same biblical principles in the course of their ministries.
  3. Servant Leader: Jesus taught that he who would be greatest among His followers would be a servant of all. Anyone who would be a world changer has to find greatness in serving others in the name of the Lord Jesus. True servant leaders are the ones who truly seek to follow Jesus and learn from him.
  4. Spiritual Entrepreneurs: there is a wide array of spiritual needs that need to be met in people. Just like entrepreneurs in business observe to see what the needs of the people are and meet them. World changers observe to see the spiritual needs of the people and move to meet them through innovative means.
  5. Partners in enduring fellowships: these are people who are intentional about forging partnerships in the vineyard of the Lord. They build up brotherhoods and sisterhoods for the purpose of influencing the world for Christ.
  6. Church Connected: every individual believer is a part of the church. The bible teaches that the church is the body of Jesus Christ and every individual believer is a member of the body. Remaining connected in the body gives the world changer to influence other members of the body and to be nourished. This keeps them able to continue with the task.

Campbellsville School of Theology is built on three pillars of commitment.

  1. The school is committed to the Kingdom of God: The foremost allegiance of the school and faculty is to God who now reigns and who is still to come.
  2. The school is committed to providing Christian based higher education
  3. The school is committed to the divine conspiracy in which Jesus died for the sins of mankind to bring them salvation.

Welcome to the Virginia Ponser Flanagan Technology Training Center This training center is located at the main campus of the Campbellsville University. The affiliation between the two institutions means that there are shared values between them. These values inform their shared objectives. The objectives of the Technology Training Center include development of servant leaders with strong Christian values.

The TTC collaborates with the surrounding communities to help disperse services that are needed in the community. To train neighboring communities concerning their needs means that collaboration between the TTC and the neighboring community is critical. There is need for collaboration between them to ensure that the training offered by the community is the one needed by the community.

Among the courses the TTC offers qualify the learner to be a nurse assistant registered in the State of Kentucky. Others include medical assistant, cosmetology, phlebotomy, pharmacist assistant among other courses crucial to the community. All the courses are offered at a professional certificate level. All courses of a medical nature are certified by the Campbellsville University. The certification is an assurance of quality from a well-respected institution.

These courses present the students who take them a more direct path towards their chosen career. A person who wants to become a nurse, for example does not need to take a lot of time studying things that have no direct relevance to a nursing career. Such an individual can simply study to be a nurse assistant before proceeding to study to become a nurse. People who take this path usually have more practical knowledge of their career at the entry level than those who take the more academic path.

Collaboration between the center and the local community also entails collaborating with local businesses so as to have them certify some of the courses offered at the institute. The design of the courses that come as a result of these collaborations takes to consideration of industry needs. These courses are, therefore more relevant to local businesses than if they were developed elsewhere.

The jobs for which training is offered at the TTC are expected to continue having an above average growth for demand. This is according to the state bureau of statistics. One of the jobs in this category that is expected to display the highest growth is the cosmetology industry. By 2022 the industry is expected to have grown by 2022 for hair dressers alone.

The kind of training offered in cosmetology ensures that the trainee not only skilled in the practice of hair dressing but also in the science of what makes beauty. Graduates from this program qualify to work in saloons and spas all over the world. The course takes 1800 clock hours of study; these include theory and practical lessons.

Owing to the requirement for understanding of the basic principles of the function of the body, in cosmetology and also in the medical courses, students need to have attained a minimum of a high school certificate to be admitted.

The pre-professional courses offered in this institution have been adjudged to be of high quality by reputable assessors. The assessors include the U.S. News and World Reports which categorized the TTC and the whole of Campbellsville University under “Best Colleges’. The other one is the website TheBestSchools.org.


Physical exercises are usually essential for proper health for the retired people. The exercises can better be found in sports. Sports offer an interesting moment where the retired people can engage in fun as they benefit from the associated good health.

What are some of the Best Sports for Retired People?

There are several sports which are highly recommended for the retired people in a bid to keep them active. These games increase fitness and flexibility in their bodies even after embracing a life with fewer commitments. These include:

1) Golfing

Best Sports for Retired People

Golfing is among the most favorite games among the retired people. It provides a chance to exercise the organs without straining the body too much. At the same time, golfing provides the retired people with a chance to socialize with other individuals at the golf club. This acts in eliminating stress and depression cases which intensifies with age.

2) Cycling

Best Sports for Retired People

Cycling involves the hands, legs, brain, and many other body organs. You may choose to cycle as a group or as an individual along the local lanes and paths. Through cycling, you will be able to reduce cholesterol level in your body and reducing the size of the tummy. This is essential in preventing heart diseases, colon cancer, and obesity. Cycling as a group also provides a chance for interaction thus increasing on social link which is important at retirement period.

3) Swimming

Best Sports for Retired People

Swimming is an interesting sport which is suitable for the retired persons. It involves the legs, hands, limbs, and the entire body as you propel through the water. It is effective in eliminating stress, for bones retention to prevent osteoporosis, and ensuring the retention of the muscle mass.

4) Nordic Walking

Best Sports for Retired People

A research by the University of Iowa showed that, walking r at least 15 minutes a day increases life by 3 years. It also helps in reducing weight, preventing obesity, and preventing stress and depression. Walking along the local paths in your local residence can translate into such benefits in your life.

Before retirement, walking all over to the workplace or even at the work place may have been serving this purpose for you. However, you may need to regularly walk now after retirement in order to maintain the same trend.

5) Gymnastics

Best Sports for Retired People

After retirement and occupation commitments, you may find yourself having a lot of free time. Thus, you may devote a part of this time to attend the gymnastic for a few sports exercises that will benefit your body. These include: weight lifting, exercise bike workouts, and press-ups. Gym exercises are essential for muscle mass and in keeping the body active. Gym exercises are largely known to prevent Alzheimer disease.

6) Hiking

Best Sports for Retired People

Hiking is among the most favorable sport activity among the retired individuals. It involves walking and running over land terrains, over the valleys, flat surfaces, and over the hills among other places. It is beneficial in keeping the body active especially for the bones, the brain, and muscles. As you plan for hiking, be sure to have the correct shoes to prevent feet difficulties.

Physical fitness is an essential requirement in life after retirement. It keeps the body free from diseases, stress, and depression. Sports provide an easily accessible way to enhance physical retirement among the individuals who are in their retirement age.


Trip to Europe

Europe is a wonderful trip destination. It attracts many people during different times of the year. Regardless of the yearly seasons, Europe offers visitors an interesting and adventurous chance to access different countries, tourist sites, and cultural heritage sites.

How to Plan for a 30 Days Trip to Europe?

Although Europe is a home to many tourist attraction sites, you may not be able to experience a fun-filled trip without an appropriate fun. A 30 days trip may need you to make arrangements in order to make it successful. The following are some useful tips for you:

1) Consider Visiting during Off Season

During peak seasons, crowds of people flock to different places for different trips. This makes it messy in areas such as Reykjavik, Paris, Asmsterdam, Berlin, London, and Zurich among other major cities in Europe.

Associated with this is the hike in charges in different places where people visit often. Therefore, off season may be the best option for your trip. It reduces chances of commotion, insecurity, and high spending. Preferably, April to June and September to November offers the best travel periods.

2) Attempt to Learn Foreign Languages

Spending 30 days in Europe may be difficult if you are not conversant with European languages. Some visiting sites do not have interpreters. Therefore, learning European languages will increase your capacity to enjoy your long trip. Preferably, you check out languages such as Espanola, Dutch, German, French, and Italiano.

3) Plan Ahead

Trip to Europe

Do not set off to your trip without a full-trip schedule. Be sure to plan on where to start your trip, where to go next, and where to end your trip. You should also allocate different timelines for the trip destinations. This will make your trip successful.

4) Book Accommodation in Advance

Although you might be open to frequent moves through you’re your travel period, it is important to book the first accommodation earlier. This will prevent any inconveniences that may arise especially in terms of the safety of your luggage. Also, the first accommodation acts as your compass as it allows you to plan for the next destinations.

5) Know What You Want to Do

In Europe, there is a wide range of activities that are open for tourists. You should find out the activities that you want to carry out in Europe before travelling. This will help you to plan for the destinations that you should attend.

For arts, culture, and sports, you may France or Germany. For birds shunting, hiking, camping, and sports, you may visit Hungary or Iceland. For agriculture, researches, education, and religion, you visit Switzerland or England. For camping, hiking, northern lights tours, natural features viewing, and enjoying hot springs, you may visit Iceland while Italy offers the best in religion, education, art, and culture. Planning on the activity that you want to do in Europe will make your trip successful.

6) Plan Your Finances

A trip to Europe will welcome a high spending moment. Therefore, you must readily make your budget in order to prevent money shortages. In case you do not want to carry money in form of cash, you may check out the availability and convenience of foreign banking in the places that you plan to visit. This will eliminate any financial challenges during your trip.

A well planned 30-days trip to Europe will eventually cater and fulfill your desire. At Europe, you will have a chance to witness and explore adventures in religion, culture, education, art, agriculture, and physical exercises among many other experiences.


Iceland is one of the most visited countries in the world. This is largely attributed to its numerous attraction sites which are unique across the world. These sites attract many visitors from different regions in the world.

How to Plan for a 7-Days Tour In Iceland?

Planning a tour to Iceland may need you to make a few arrangements that will enhance your success. As you plan for this, you should ensure that you include the most visited attraction sites in Iceland. The following are some guidelines:

1) Spend 3 Days In Reykjavik

Tour In Iceland

As the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik is a home to many restaurants and hotels. These places can offer you accommodation while you wish to spend some of your tour time in the city. The city will offer you an immense experience such as different foods and drinks in different hotels and restaurants and also art and culture in museums.

Also, Reykjavik is a home to many attraction sites such as the Golden Circle, Volcano House, Saga and Reykjavik Art Museums, the Old Harbor, the Sun Voyager, and the Trörjin Lake. Therefore, Reykjavik will have much to offer you in your first days of travel.

Explore the early Iceland architecture which had adapted most of its ideas from the Vikings Kingdom which was established in Iceland. at Reykjavik, you will also have a chance to visit the Golden Circle and enjoy some natural features such as hot springs, geysers, Gullfoss Waterfall, and the Thingvellir National Park.

At Golden Circle, you have the chance soak and bath in hot springs as you enjoy the facilities offered such as changing rooms and bathrooms. Also, you can take pictures at the Great Geyser Gullfoss Waterfall as you enjoy the golden view of the area.

2) Spend 2 Days in North Iceland at Akureyri

Tour In Iceland

If you land to Iceland via the Keflavik-Reykjavik Airport, you will probably have the chance to start your tour at Reykjavik. However, traveling to the north in Akureyri may require your four hours of driving. Thus, you may need to finish up your business with Reykjavik before heading to the north.

At Akureyri, you may visit the famous Myvatn Lake. The lake was formed early in about 2,400 years ago after a volcanic eruption. The lake has remained for all those years as evidence to the historic eruption. At Myvatan, you can hike, camp, and conduct fishing.

At the same time, Myvatn area provides an ample ground to watch the northern lights (auroras). Preferably, the northern lights can be visible during late night and during the dawn before sunrise.

3) Spend the Last 2 Days in Reykjanes Peninsula

Tour In Iceland

Reykjanes Peninsula is in the southwestern region of Iceland. It is in the south as you drive from Reykjavik City. Here, you will have a chance to experience the geothermal spa known as the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon’s water is heated using geothermal energy from the underground. From the past, the lava and heat that is formed during minor volcanic actions from Grindavik is responsible for warming this water. Here you can spend the last two days enjoying swimming, camping, and viewing the aurora easily.

If you visit Iceland during late May and early August, you will enjoy 24 hours of daylight. This increases your ability to drive for long distances in the country and still retain the energy to enjoy your trip. You may book different weekly-packages which are offered by different touring companies in Iceland to increase the potential of visitors in reaching different areas.

Benefits of Golf GPS Watch in the Game

As a beginner or an experienced golfer, a golf GPS watch is an essential tool which is capable of changing your game experience. While playing golf, checking for the position as important as knowing the distance that the golf ball goes.

Marking the hole using the golf ball denotes the champion in every game. With a golf GPS watch, you can be able to determine the position of the hole without necessarily relying on your experience to become a champion.

What are the Benefits of Golf GPS Watch in the Game?

1) Maximizes the Accuracy

While playing golf, you need to be strict in distance measurements or otherwise you will end up losing your targets. You need to understand the distance to your target, the hazard, center of green, the club, and the back front.

However, marking these distances, even with experience, may still remain a challenge to you. Thus, to prevent this, you need to have a golf GPS watch to increase in on your accuracy to get the distances right.

2) You can be able to Reduce the Handicap

Benefits of Golf GPS Watch in the GameUsing the golf GPS watch, you can be able to enjoy more in the field without necessarily using a smaller field curve. This mainly applies during practices as a beginner. You do not need to make calculations or guess works on the positions that you make to make shots.

Instead of concentrating on the distance and positions, you invest on thinking about how to improve your swinging and hitting styles in order to increase your competence. This instills confidence and the ability to play without handicaps.

3) Increases the Success Shots which are Out-of-sight

The only thing you need to learn while you have a golf GPS watch is how to physically make effective shots. Your target is catered for by your watch. Therefore, even if you are unable to view the location at which you are required to send the ball, your golf GPS watch will show you the direction, the distance, and the position. Therefore, you will only employ a certain style in order to hit your target.

4) You can be Faster and More Effective

Normally, golfing starts with marking the position, distance, and the target before hitting the ball. This may take some time especially among the beginners. Other golfers have a tendency of swinging for several times as they try to ensure accuracy.

However, with a golf GPS watch, you do not need to worry about accuracy. The watch will guide you on how to hit and where to take the ball. This makes the whole process faster and more effective.

5) Increases in Morale and Satisfaction to the Game

Playing barely exposes you to a series of error which may be unavoidable. This may end up depriving you in motivation while also taking all your morale in the game. To prevent this, a golf GPS watch may be helpful. It reduces times used in determining distances, it makes it easy to judge shots, and it helps you to make shots which are out of sight. This increases morale and satisfaction during the play.

Golf GPS watches have led to a revolution in golfing. Nowadays, golfers do not need to strain in order to mark distances and locations at the field. Therefore, if you would like to increase your potential as a golfer, you should also try this watch.


How to Stay Energetic Throughout the Travelling

While travelling is fun, it is also energy intensive. Many times, towards the end of a long voyage, a traveler may not enjoy the tour due to lack of energy. Depending on the circumstances, this may even happen earlier in the travels. This is especially the case if the itinerary includes activities such as hiking, climbing and other high energy activities. It is important for a traveler to be knowledgeable about ways to keep their energy up throughout the period. The following are some of the ways that a traveler can remain energetic during a trip.

Drink Water

Remaining hydrated is one of the main ways for a traveler to ensure that they remain energetic. A traveler should always take a lot of water with them whenever they are travelling. If their travels take them to a place where there is no water, they should make arrangements to ensure that they get enough water. One way of doing this is carrying containers to where there is clean drinking water and carry.


The most preferable snacks are the ones that give the traveler proteins and carbohydrates at the same time. In case the traveler is on foot, it is best to snack at least on an hourly basis. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also useful in keeping energy up. A traveler may also pack energy bars to snack on as they move along. Nut are also very good when travelling.


The human body requires to move in order to work effectively. Sitting in a car or plane for long duration makes the body tired and prevents it from performing optimally. When driving, Siting for long hours may even cause a person to sleep behind the wheel. It is necessary to leave the car every so often to stretch and probably do some pushups and other simple exercise. After a long travel on a plane a swim in the hotel pool in readiness for the next day’s itinerary can boost energy considerably.


How to Stay Energetic Throughout the TravellingIt is possible before and during the travelling for a person to spend too much time packing or having fun that they do not get enough sleep. This trap should be completely avoided. The reason why it should be avoided is because sleeplessness leads to low energy and lack of focus. If it is not possible to sleep through the night a traveler should make sure to take naps in between the travels. Power naps of as little as 20 minutes are quite helpful. If they are on a road trip, it is advisable to pack somewhere safe and rest. It is even better if they are traveling in a group or in pairs since it allows them to take turns on the wheel allowing each other time to sleep.

Use Engaging Entertainment

One way of keeping the mind alert is through music. It is advisable for a person to load up their device with the kind of music they enjoy listening to. When this music comes through the earphones it is almost impossible to get bored on the way. Using crosswords and other mental games also ensures that that the traveler remains alert.

One of the overriding actions that is needed to maintain energy is hygiene. No matter where the travelling is happening it is absolutely necessary to take a bath at least once per day. This ensures that circulation is going on well. Circulation in turn ensures that the person remains energetic. Moisturizing the skin is also important to improve circulation and keep energy levels up. It is also difficult to sleep well while all sweaty and dirty.


Rice Dishes to Cook in Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker, whether electric or stove top is a great way of cooking rice. It is faster than other pots. If it is used with an inconsistent heat source, it may end up producing burnt rice which is certainly not the intention of the cook. Owing to how amenable rice it to heat, making it stay on the stove for too long may end up producing an overcooked meal. The following are recipes for three rice dishes that can easily be made using a pressure cooker. If you don´t own a pressure cooker you should read pressure cooker reviews to learn more about features and what you might want in a high quality pressure cooker.


Mexican Pressure Cooker Rice


  1. Rice
  2. Tomato Paste
  3. Onion
  4. Garlic
  5. Salt
  6. Water


  1. Gather all the above listed ingredients
  2. Rinse the rice and make it as dry as possible

iii. Put the pressure cooker on the stove and heat it on medium heat. If you are using the “instant pot’, set it at the sauté function. Put the rice together salt, onion and garlic and sauté then for four minutes.

  1. Mix the tomato paste with water until they are nicely mixed. Add the mixture to the rice and other ingredients that are already in the pressure cooker.
  2. Close the pressure cooker and set at high pressure and cook white rice for three minutes and brown rice for 22 minutes.
  3. Allow pressure to release naturally for 15 minutes and release the remaining pressure manually thereafter.

vii. Serve hot


Rice Dishes to Cook in Pressure CookerIngredients

  1. One cup of white rice (Long grain)
  2. 1.5 Cups of water
  3. 2.5 grams of salt
  4. Butter or other seasoning


  1. Wash the rice and rinse it thoroughly
  2. Pour water into the pressure cooker

iii. Warm the water and add butter

  1. Add salt into the pot and stir
  2. Lock the pressure cooker
  3. Set the cooker at high pressure

vii. Set cooking time at 3 minutes

viii. After three minutes the timer will beep, turn off the cooker and allow the pressure to release naturally for ten minutes. Release the remaining pressure manually after the ten minutes are over.

Using this recipe, you can increase the quantity of rice up to threefold while maintaining the cooking time at three minutes.


Rice and Chicken


  1. Olive oil
  2. Boneless and skinless chicken
  3. 2 cups of uncooked rice
  4. 3 cups cheese soup
  5. 3 cups mushroom soup
  6. 1.5 cups of water


  1. Put olive oil at the bottom of the pot.
  2. Set the instant pot’ at sauté or heat the pot to medium heat

iii. Put in the chicken and cook until it turns brown

  1. Add the soups and water after which you pour the rice.
  2. Cook for 20 minutes under high pressure
  3. If after twenty minutes the chicken is not tender, cook for an additional five minutes.

vii. Serve hot


Cooking rice using a pressure cooker is a viable option. Many people assume that they must buy rice cookers. For those who do not have rice cookers they often opt to cook with ordinary on stove pots. Cooking on over the stove pots is normally time and energy consuming. These decisions are often informed by the informed by the assumption that pressure cookers are not good for cooking rice. With an understanding of timing and measurements, cooking rice with a pressure cooker is not only right. it is also fun.


different Types Paintball Barrels

As an experienced paintballer, you need to know that having a paintball marker that you can customize will give you a major edge over your opponents. One way of doing this is apply a unique barrel that not only enhances the accuracy and reliability of the marker but also the player. Have in mind that selecting the best paintball barrel will take some time, effort, careful thought and research.

What to consider


Paintball BarrelsWhen looking for a paintball gun, you need to check the material it is made of and this is a crucial factor to have in mind. These barrels are made from different materials such as brass, aluminum, ceramic, titanium, carbon fiber among more. If you are looking for a brand new unit, you should know the advantages and drawback of each material before settling on the best one. For instance, while carbon fiber barrels are lighter, aluminum and titanium are stronger.

Barrel length

You also need to consider the length of the barrel. Ranging from 10 to 20 inches, there are many different lengths of barrels in the market. According to research, you need to get a barrel of length 14 inches since anything less or more will have very little impact on your performance. The only exception is getting barrels of 18 inches.

Barrel kits

Since there are many barrel kits available in the market, it’s very important to choose the one that suits you well. Currently, the most popular kits are the carbon fiber. This is because they can give you many options to optimize your paintball barrel for the kind of game that you are playing.

Number of Pieces

When paintballing first started, the only kinds of barrels that were available were the one-piece. However, manufacturers, later on, found out that two piece barrels were important to improve the accuracy. The two piece will allow you to have different length fronts as well as a barrel back for your marker. Since they come in different sizes, you can look for the one that accommodates your shots.

Types of Paintball Barrels


Types Paintball BarrelsCompared to other metals, these barrels are lighter. Most come with a self-cleaning feature that comes in handy for most buyers. Apart from being durable, they are very quiet. Plus some of them are narrower so as to increase their accuracy. Overall, they are becoming increasingly popular.


Because of their low cost and lightness, these barrels are a good choice. The only disadvantage that they have is that they have a very high friction quotient. They are a bit durable but can easily break or bend when they are under great pressure.


These type of  barrels are strong and light in weight but are not very popular since they are very expensive.

Carbon fiber paintball barrels

Carbon fiber barrels are strong and easy to polish and clean. However, the cost manufacturing and the cost of the material makes them very expensive.


As compared to aluminum brass, paintball barrels are heavier. However, this does not mean that they are durable. In fact, they are not very reliable in terms of durability. If you have a brass paintball barrel, you must perform a regular maintenance if you want to maintain accuracy and keep your paintball kit functioning. Nowadays, these barrels are very rare to find in stores.

Two Piece Barrels

These types of barrels combine two materials to come up with a barrel. They combine the qualities of two metals to come up with a very effective barrel. However, this improved performance level usually come with an increased price tag. Hence, it’s important to consider the price before buying one.