Welcome to Virginia Ponser Flanagan Technology Training Center

Welcome to the Virginia Ponser Flanagan Technology Training Center This training center is located at the main campus of the Campbellsville University. The affiliation between the two institutions means that there are shared values between them. These values inform their shared objectives. The objectives of the Technology Training Center include development of servant leaders with strong Christian values.

The TTC collaborates with the surrounding communities to help disperse services that are needed in the community. To train neighboring communities concerning their needs means that collaboration between the TTC and the neighboring community is critical. There is need for collaboration between them to ensure that the training offered by the community is the one needed by the community.

Among the courses the TTC offers qualify the learner to be a nurse assistant registered in the State of Kentucky. Others include medical assistant, cosmetology, phlebotomy, pharmacist assistant among other courses crucial to the community. All the courses are offered at a professional certificate level. All courses of a medical nature are certified by the Campbellsville University. The certification is an assurance of quality from a well-respected institution.

These courses present the students who take them a more direct path towards their chosen career. A person who wants to become a nurse, for example does not need to take a lot of time studying things that have no direct relevance to a nursing career. Such an individual can simply study to be a nurse assistant before proceeding to study to become a nurse. People who take this path usually have more practical knowledge of their career at the entry level than those who take the more academic path.

Collaboration between the center and the local community also entails collaborating with local businesses so as to have them certify some of the courses offered at the institute. The design of the courses that come as a result of these collaborations takes to consideration of industry needs. These courses are, therefore more relevant to local businesses than if they were developed elsewhere.

The jobs for which training is offered at the TTC are expected to continue having an above average growth for demand. This is according to the state bureau of statistics. One of the jobs in this category that is expected to display the highest growth is the cosmetology industry. By 2022 the industry is expected to have grown by 2022 for hair dressers alone.

The kind of training offered in cosmetology ensures that the trainee not only skilled in the practice of hair dressing but also in the science of what makes beauty. Graduates from this program qualify to work in saloons and spas all over the world. The course takes 1800 clock hours of study; these include theory and practical lessons.

Owing to the requirement for understanding of the basic principles of the function of the body, in cosmetology and also in the medical courses, students need to have attained a minimum of a high school certificate to be admitted.

The pre-professional courses offered in this institution have been adjudged to be of high quality by reputable assessors. The assessors include the U.S. News and World Reports which categorized the TTC and the whole of Campbellsville University under “Best Colleges’. The other one is the website TheBestSchools.org.