Welcome to the School of Theology

Welcome to the School of Theology Campbellsville University School of Theology has the mission of equipping and producing world changers. These are people who have surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission. The commission to become world changers was given to the 12 disciples by the Jesus in Matthew 9:37-38, The harvest is great but the workers are few. So, pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send workers into His fields.’

In this day and age, the need for workers in the field of harvest is much greater than at any other point in history. It is for this reason that Campbellsville University provides an opportunity for those who seek to work in the harvest fields of the Lord to equip themselves. The school of theology has two programs, both of them are graduate programs. Master of Theology and Master of Marriage and Family Therapy. The school of theology works to train people for different roles in the ministry but everything is based on the scriptures.

According to the Campbellsville University, the following are the indicators for a world changer.

  1. They should be evangelical: changing the world requires preaching of the Good News. This means that a person who would make their contribution towards changing the world should be passionate about reaching the unreached.
  2. Committed to the Bible: souls have to be won according to the bible. It is only through understanding and believing the bible that lives can truly be changed. For a person to benefit from the programs offered in this school, they have to truly believe in the bible. It is also expected that they would proceed to teach and otherwise apply the same biblical principles in the course of their ministries.
  3. Servant Leader: Jesus taught that he who would be greatest among His followers would be a servant of all. Anyone who would be a world changer has to find greatness in serving others in the name of the Lord Jesus. True servant leaders are the ones who truly seek to follow Jesus and learn from him.
  4. Spiritual Entrepreneurs: there is a wide array of spiritual needs that need to be met in people. Just like entrepreneurs in business observe to see what the needs of the people are and meet them. World changers observe to see the spiritual needs of the people and move to meet them through innovative means.
  5. Partners in enduring fellowships: these are people who are intentional about forging partnerships in the vineyard of the Lord. They build up brotherhoods and sisterhoods for the purpose of influencing the world for Christ.
  6. Church Connected: every individual believer is a part of the church. The bible teaches that the church is the body of Jesus Christ and every individual believer is a member of the body. Remaining connected in the body gives the world changer to influence other members of the body and to be nourished. This keeps them able to continue with the task.

Campbellsville School of Theology is built on three pillars of commitment.

  1. The school is committed to the Kingdom of God: The foremost allegiance of the school and faculty is to God who now reigns and who is still to come.
  2. The school is committed to providing Christian based higher education
  3. The school is committed to the divine conspiracy in which Jesus died for the sins of mankind to bring them salvation.